Shawn Tate, President
Board liaison - Landscape & Irrigation Committees
(615) 414-8178
James Caplan, Vice President
Board Liaison - Recreation Committee
Note: Please contact Ann Stegall, our property manager to register landscape and irrigation concerns.  A work order will be started to address any issues to resolution.  Work Order/Maintenance Requests are a great way to report property damage or maintenance concerns specific to your unit or common areas within the community.  Please be sure to describe the problem in plenty of detail including the specific location or area of concern.  Submit separate requests for each individual issue reported.  Please confirm that this is an association responsibility permitted in the WillowSprings governing documents.  Ann can be reached at charis.stegall@ghertner.com or 615-255-8531
Dennis Bittner, Treasurer
Board Liaison - Finance & Water Resources Committees
(615) 708-0843
Cheryl Proctor, Secretary
Board Liaison - Communications & SARB Committees
(615) 554-5801
Kathy Gervais, Board Member
Board Liaison - Townhome & Welcome Committees
(615) 584-3151