Social Groups

WillowSprings Ladies Group
The Ladies Group meets on the first Monday of most months (holidays permitting) at around 6:00 pm in the homes of the members or on our WS pool deck. Food and beverages are served at each meeting by the hostess and her co-hostesses. Programs of interest to women are planned for some of the meetings, as well as an occasional group dinner at a restaurant. All ladies of WillowSprings are encouraged to attend as a guest to see how much fun this group has. Everyone wears a name tag so you'll never be embarrassed while you're getting to know people! We are a friendly group and do our best to make guests feel welcome!

Membership dues are $30 annually and they are collected in January.

For more information, contact Susan Barberi, President at:  susanbarberi07@gmail.com.
WillowSprings Men's Social Groups
Men's Night Out Group
The Men's Night Out Group meets on the first Monday of each month (holidays permitting) at various local restaurants for dinner.  It's a great way to meet neighborhood men in a casual setting.  Bring your neighbor and join the fun.  No reservations are needed.  There are no annual dues and the group is open to all residents.  For more information contact Tom Milligan at 805-403-2166. 
Men's Poker Group
It's Texas hold "em" and the men play once a month, year-round.  The group meets in resident homes on Friday nights at 6:30 PM.  No annual dues and the group is open to all residents.  If you would like further information or would like to be added to the email list contact either:
Doug Gross: dgross86@comcast.net or (615) 595-1968
Larry Reynold: jreynolds01@gmail.com or (307)-359-9074