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WillowSprings Landscape Updates
Posted on Oct 30th, 2021

WillowSprings Residents:
Landscape updates regarding the end of season mowing and streetlight problems are as follows:
The last mow of the season will take place in
the next two (2) weeks, weather pending.  Brightview will conduct three (3) leaf cleanups in the community, one (1)  right before Thanksgiving, one (1) right before Christmas, and the last leaf clean-up in mid to late January.
The streetlights in the WillowSprings community are the responsibility of Middle Tennessee Electric Corporation (MTEC).  If you happen to notice any problems with a streetlight, please notify MTEC directly. TO REPORT STREETLIGHT PROBLEMS, PLEASE CALL  1-877-986-8362 MTEC will need the address closest to the streetlight pole.
Thank you for your continued patience and support!
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